Undangan Dinner Bahasa Inggris

Undangan Dinner Bahasa Inggris – kali ini admin akan membagikan beberapa contoh undangan dinner bahasa inggris terbaru. banyak sekali netizen termasuk kamuuu, hehe yups, yang mencari contoh detail bagaimana sih sample undangan dinner berbahasa inggris atau undangan dinner bahasa indonesia. supaya gak bertele tele dalam menyampaikan isi undangan ini mari kita lihat contoh undangan dinner bahasa inggris ini.

undangan dinner bahasa inggris

undangan dinner bahasa inggris

Sample Invitation Letter


Company Name

City State Code

Dear Mr/Ms

I am writing on behalf of the Melbourne Chapter of the Young Presidents’ Organisation
(YPO) to invite you to speak to our members.

We are currently planning our education program from July 2004 to June 2005 and
believe a presentation from you would be one of the year’s highlights. We are hoping
that you might be available to speak on (date) at (venue, location) for a
(breakfast/dinner etc.) meeting with our (members/members and spouses/families)
where we expect approximately participants.

YPO is an organisation that unites more than 9,000 business leaders from more than 70
countries for the purpose of becoming better managers, spouses, parents and world
citizens through networking, education and idea exchange, The Melbourne Chapter of
YPO currently compriSes approximately 70 members from a variety of businesses To
give you some idea of the scope of the businesses under their management, total
turnover is in excess of $4 billion with employees of more than 10,000.

We hope you will view this invitation favourably I will be glad to discuss further
questions you will have and can be contacted on:

Tel: xx xxxx xxxx

Fax: xx xxxx xxxx
Email: [email protected]

I hope that we can welcome you at our chapter in the forthcoming year and look forward
to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Event Chair

Contoh undangan dinner bahasa inggris kedua

The honor ofyuuz presenLc
is munst
for Dinner and Dancing
on Wednesday, Pam April 2018

at seven»rhitty in rhe evening
at vxmage Club, Dallas, Texas

RSVP Greg Parker by Mitch 2‘5“
Anson Lautner at 212.667.8892

contoh undangan dinner bahasa inggris ketiga

untuk tambahan yang lainnya, akan di informasikan lebih lanjut yah. jangan sampai lupa dan terus pantau web kami ini terutama update dari undangan dinner bahasa inggris.

mohon maaf apabila dalam penulisan kurang bagus. apabila ada masukan silahkan komen pada artikel ini. terima kasih.

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